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AT7M - St Mary's Island Activation

A big note of thanks to all the people who were able to contact us, as well as to those who monitored us but couldn't contact us. Propagation wasn't very conducive on 40/80m but 15 / 17 & 20m operations allowed us to log 2K + contact in 48 hours. 40/80 was largely limited to local subcontinent, only exception being few contacts on CW to Finland and Ireland.

Here is a bit about our operations, about us and about the whole journey which took us close to 2 years to plan and implement. Being first timers, it was an excellent performance and with lessons learned on this activation, we are confident that next time around we are going to reach farther and log much more contacts than this time.

Location: St. Mary's Island is just 4 nautical miles off the western coast. It's a small town, but a big fishing harbour called Malpe. The number of trawlers giving us company during day and night, cruising around the island and going about the sea indicated how busy the port remains, and of course, the noise it created for us HI! Only option to reach there is to hire a motor boat and we were fortunate for getting one in which all our equipment for our 2 day sojourn could fit in, along with our team. 

Top View

Top View of St Mary's Island

Ocean 13 !!! Well Almost ;)

Yes, that's right, we were 13 who stayed on the island to activate this rare station. Last time it was activated was in 2001, so it required a good balance of age, experience and wisdom to carry out the simultaneous 4 band operations in a very short span of time!

  1. VU2GRM - OM Ram Mohan G
  2. VU3GDS - Girish Doss
  3. VU3EDG - Pradeep Kumar
  4. VU3NPI - Madhu Prasad
  5. VU3YPP - Poojith Prakash
  6. VU3ZLS - Likhit Sarvesh
  7. VU3ESV - Vinod ES
  8. VU3ZNG - Nyjil George
  9. VU2DEV - Dev Ramaprabhu
  10. VU3UN0 - Krishna Kumar
  11. VU3HVD - Vishwas
  12. VU3RTX - Rahul MK
  13. VU2XE - Kiran
  14. VU2GTI - Gaurav

We also got support and help in our operations from VU2RCT (OM Ramchandra), VU2UR (OM Arasu), VU2SBJ (OM Srikanth Bhat), VU2RDQ Rohit.

Pictures - AT7M Album on Facebook

Here are some of the snaps we clicked on / from the island



 Coming up next: Equipment used, Trivia, challenges faced and other details.

Log Status: 2 laptops crashed after return from island, 1 purely a mechanical failure - dropping it while packing, and second is due to exposure to saline content (constant sea spray). We have put the HDD for data recovery and are in the process to reconcile data. Stay tuned :)